Ceilings - Concealed Grid and Linings

The screw fix system is a system designed to fix a plasterboard or other flat ceiling medium at a predetermined height above floor level or to a raking ceiling based on a grid of furring channel supported by strong-backs, which are suspended by high-tensile wires or clips connected to masonry, steel or timber anchors. Similarly this ceiling is set up through either a perimeter channel or angle that is also set at a predetermined height above the floor or raking slope using laser levelling technology.

This system is able to be designed to have a fire rating up to 60/60/60 depending on linings.

Features and benefits of the Concealed Grid System:
  • Grid is inert and does not shrink or sag when correctly fixed
  • Almost any sheet type can be fixed to it giving a versatile range of finishes including timber panelling, corrugated panels, cement fibre sheets, plaster board, etc.
  • The ceiling becomes a single plane.
  • Bulkheads and recesses may be easily formed.
  • Plasterboard linings can be finished to a level 5 finish if required.
  • Linings installation can be delayed after grid installation to allow other services to access any ceiling space or for the installation of ceiling thermal or acoustic insulation.
  • Access panels are easily installed.
  • The system is cost effective.
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