Ceilings - Exposed Grid and Tiles

1. The two-way system uses a grid system designed for ceiling tiles, generally 1200 x 600mm or 600 x 600, and made up of main tees and cross tees with the main tees suspended below the structure above by high-tensile wires connected to masonry, steel, or timber anchors. The whole grid is set out with a perimeter trim angle that is set at a predetermined height above the floor or to a predetermined slope using laser levelling technology. This technology ensures that the finished ceiling is constructed an accurate plane.

With current innovations we are able to offer a fire rated two way grid system and tiles.

2. Ceiling tiles are mostly manufactured using a mineral fibre base which has many advantages pertaining to stability, acoustic properties and appearance.

Features and benefits of ceiling tiles:
  • Inert and do not sag
  • Effective in acoustic control and dampening
  • Lightweight
  • Available in an attractive range of finishes and patterns.
  • Pre-finished
  • Faster to install
  • Flexible in their installation and times can be staggered to suit the installation of other services such as electrical, sprinklers, air conditioning and the like.
  • Able to accommodate openings and finishing of lighting, air conditioning grilles, ventilation, fire services, (including smoke detectors and sprinkler systems) in-ceiling installations such as motorised projection screens and video projectors.
  • Compatible with recessed troffer style light pans that allow recessed lighting within the ceiling grid.
  • Easily removed for the servicing or access of in ceiling services such as airconditioning fans and balancing, plumbing etc
  • Cost effective.
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