Partitions - Steel Stud and Aluminium

Why use steel stud and aluminium framed partitioning?

Features and benefits of steel stud and aluminium suite construction methods in the commercial, retail, industrial and residential markets are summarised as follows:

  • Steel framing is faster – about 50% faster than equivalent timber framing.
  • Steel framing materials cost less – more than 50% less than equivalent timber framing.
  • 80% of the labor and manufacturing for steel framing is conducted in a controlled, factory environment…
  • …this means quality control is much higher…
  • …which translates to accuracy being greatly improved.
  • In plain terms, fewer bowed walls, less settlement issues, no nail pops and drywall cracks, accurate square corners, and a better quality build throughout.
  • Steel framing is cleaner
  • There is virtually no waste,
  • It is environmentally sound - “it takes about five old Buicks to build a 2,000 square foot house as opposed to several trees”.
  • Steel does not rot, split, twist, or dry rot.
  • It is termite proof, fire proof, warp proof, and…
  • …it is lighter than wood meaning there is less labor required and less structural loading on substrates and foundations.
  • Used with aluminum suites steel framing can be self finishing – skirtings, architraves, scotia, door and window framing are all eliminated with self finished, modern, smart, elegant aluminium section, again speeding erection and completion times.
Added to this compelling support for steel stud and dry wall construction are:
  • The 30mm space saving on every internal wall where the requirement drops from 95mm to 65mm – a vital consideration in retail/commercial environment where space is let on a per sq mtr basis.
  • The dry wall construction allows faster fixing of plaster board (Gib) to framing whereas timber framing with a high moisture content will delay Gib installation or may result in problems later when ‘peaking and popping’ occurs where any high moisture content framing supports the Gib.
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