Total Turnkey Service

Following detailed briefing (including budget) with you we then, with our designers, design a layout to suit your needs together with a list of equipment required so that upon taking the project over you can “hit the road running” as they say, with all furniture and equipment in place so that you can start work immediately. This level of service includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Layout and decor design.
  • Services design – heating and ventilating, electrical installation, lighting, refrigeration, data, water and gas services.
  • Furniture and equipment scheduling.
  • Consent preparation and arrangement.
  • Pricing and estimating.
  • Contract building works.
  • Sourcing, acquisition, delivery, unpacking, assembly and positioning of furniture and equipment. This might include office furniture, kitchen and restaurant equipment, counters, wall displays, reception desks, display refrigeration, etc.
  • Code of Compliance issuance.
If you need us to do something to allow you to take over your new premises we will do it or arrange for it to be done by one of our carefully selected contractors.
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