Ceilings,  Partitions,  Linings,  Insulation

Northland Interiors was formed in 2007 as an independent contractor installing interior fit-out products and services and are Business Members AWCI (Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of NZ).

We work across the top of the North Island from central Auckland all the way to the Cape but we also take up opportunities nationally.

We are mainly, but not exclusively, based around commercial development, including new construction as well as refurbishment and refits for existing buildings. Our team is highly skilled with many years’ experience in this specialised construction sector having completed many projects for government agencies such as the Department of Health, the Department of Education, the Department of Corrections and the Ministry of Justice as well as numerous projects for private companies as well as residential work.


Our services include design, either in part or full. We can provide quantity surveying services as required and including estimating and project management.

While most of our projects are carried out working closely with designers, architects and project managers, we can also offer own design and build services.

At Northland Interiors we bring a practical and realistic approach to our projects. We work with you at each stage to ensure your satisfaction at all times through the project and offer excellent back-up service.

We have premises in Whangarei and Kerikeri. If you would like more information or examples of our work please contact us.

Exposed grid (two-way) and ceiling tiles

Commonly used in offices, commercial and retail situations.

Extremely versatile and cost-efficient.

Suitable for all forms of construction.

Allows installation of lighting, AC grilles, ventilation, fire services, motorised projection screens and video projectors all including retro-fit.

Easily removed for in-ceiling servicing of eg plumbing, AC fans.

We have support systems to comply with seismic requirements and Code of Practice.

Concealed grid (screw-fix) and linings

Used to give a clean, flat ceiling surface with an inexpensive support structure that is light, wide-span and with an uninterrupted finish.

Used in all situations where a flat surface is required, eg, hospitals, commercial kitchens as well as any office, commercial, retail and residential applications.

Exposed and concealed grid can be used in combination.

We also have seismic restraints suitable for the bracing of screw-fix ceilings.

Specialty  – Unlimited scope

Including but not limited to:

  • Bulkheads/Canopies
  • Dropped ceilings
  • Recessed ceilings
  • Raked ceilings

Audio-Perf®.  A perforated ceiling system for commercial applications. Audio-Perf® is manufactured from perforated metal coil roll-formed into a wide range of profiles.

Ceiling tiles supply

We stock a range of common tiles for minor repairs but specialist options may need to be ordered on your behalf.


Steel stud and general partitioning

Used predominantly in lieu of timber framing because of speed of installation, low-cost and stability.

Moisture content is not an issue and stays straight.

Used in any application.

Accommodates walls up to 8.6m high.

Fire-rated walls using approved linings.

Nogging or plywood supports can be easily installed for the fixing of sanitary-ware, joinery, fittings etc.

Let us show you the cost-savings.

Aluminium and Glazed

Commonly used in offices, clinics etc where a highly professional finish is required.

Include glazed doors, glazed panels etc all homogenous with overall finish.

We arrange glazing and other manifestation as required.


Whatever lining is required eg:

  • Gib® plasterboard products
  • USG plasterboard products
  • Plywood
  • Hardies products
  • Corrugated iron
  • Timber panelling
  • Triboard
  • Autex lining products

Seismic Bracing

Traklok® – Seismic and structural partition bracing.
Gridlok® – Seismic and structural ceiling bracing.
Roger3000® – Seismic and structural HEVAC bracing

We supply and install any insulation or acoustic insulation as specified including fibreglass and polyester for ceilings and/or walls.

Suppliers include:

  • Bradford Gold®
  • Autex Greenstuf® and BaffleBlock®
  • Knauf
  • Pink Batts®

We are a preferred supplier and installer for Autex Industries Ltd acoustic panel products:

  • Composition® board and tiles extensively used in schools and institutions.
  • Vertiface®. A decorative fabric commonly used in offices.
  • Quietspace® panel. A sound-absorbing product in a variety of thicknesses and pre-formed shapes to form a series of sound-absorbing baffles.

Acoustic Design

We can assist with reverberation time reduction design and can advise with regards with several available products.

(Reverberation is defined as the time taken for sound to decay to 6odb from its initial level.)

We can supply a number of solutions for integrating light into your suspended ceiling design. From stylish and aesthetically pleasing linear aluminium baffles with a unique and modern look perfect for airports, cafes and commercial areas to the exciting new Gridlux LED tee rail system which offers a completely new way to incorporate lighting into a suspended ceiling grid.

The Gridlux LED tee rail system is designed in the shape of a standard cross tee bar to allow selected cross tees in the grid to be substituted. These products create a stylish and innovative lighting solution suitable for offices, schools and commercial interiors.

We are agents for the following Vision products:

  • Whiteboards for schools and offices
  • Noticeboards
  • Free-standing fabric display panels
  • Free-standing divider panels
  • Fabric-covered wall panels

WC Partitioning

We supply and install proprietary WC-type partitioning.